US leader, Donald Trump, briefly appeared close to acknowledging he will be leaving the White House in January during remarks at a White House event on Saturday November 14.

Speaking to reporters, Donald Trump for the first time began to sound doubtful about his election prospects, saying “time will tell” who occupies the White House from January 20.

Trump has refused to concede to Biden and claims without evidence that he was cheated by widespread election fraud. State election officials report no serious irregularities, and some of his legal challenges have failed in court.

Trump’s supporters took to the streets on Saturday, November 14, to back his unsubstantiated claims of election fraud as he pushes ahead with legal challenges to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Biden solidified his victory on Friday as results showed him winning Georgia, giving him a final tally of 306 Electoral College votes, far more than the 270 needed to be elected president while Trump has 232.

The 306 votes were equal to what Trump won in his 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton.

Trump speaking at the White House said;.

“This administration will not be going to a lockdown. Hopefully the, uh, whatever happens in the future – who knows which administration it will be? I guess time will tell,” Trump said in his first public remarks since Biden was projected as the election’s winner a week ago.

With the election outcome becoming clearer, Trump has reportedly discussed poasibility of a 2024 White House bid and is also considering starting a television channel or social media company to compete with the likes of CNN, Fox News and Twitter who limited his ability to communicate with his die hard fans.