A Twitter user has said he was arrested and detained in Panti for four days and he feared he was never going to come out alive.

He said he and two friends were taken away by police after they found an End SARS cardboard in the trunk of his car.

He tweeted: “Just got released from that panti police station since sunday with 2 of my frnds, bcos of end sars cardboard found in my boot o, Alhamdulillah I never thought i was gonn come back around. That jail is a life nd death line.”

He added that “over 60%” of the prisoners with him in Panti are young people picked up for participating in the End SARS protests.

He wrote: “Over 60% of the prisoners in panti are legit Endsars protesters frm the age of 14-15-20 mixed up wit a total of ovr 300prsnrs ,they kip usin hunger as a weapon to wipe dre tears errday n nyt, takin dre joy away to starvation or death.I sw wit my ice.”

This comes as Nigerians raise alarm that those who actively participated in the End SARS protests are being arrested one by one.

Some of those arrested so far are Eromosele “Eromz” Adene, Imoleayo Michael, who was arrested by uniformed men in front of his wife and their 7-month-old child birthing the hashtag @FreeImoleayo (read here), and journalist Oluwatosin Adeniji, who was allegedly detained for covering the End SARS protests.