Omojuwa has apologized and deleted a tweet in which he called Vice President Yemi Osinbajo out after Modupe “Moe” Odele was prevented from leaving the country and her passport seized.

Modupe, an End SARS protest frontliner, gave an update on Twitter after a Nigerian intelligence agency refused to release her passport and told her she was under investigation.

Her update angered a number of Nigerians and they slammed the government for intimidating Nigerians who played key roles in the End SARS protest.

Reacting to Moe’s tweet, Omojuwa wrote: “If they bully fellow #ENDSARS protesters, they’d hope that they’d scare you into silence. It is a shame that @ProfOsinbajo sits comfortably while his government returns Nigeria to its autocratic days! A massive shame. I wonder who he sees in the mirror these days. Shame!!!”

He later deleted his tweet and posted an apology to Osinbajo, writing: “I’d love to withdraw this tweet about the VP @ProfOsinbajo and also apologise for it. I have a better understanding of what happened and his effort to ensure the right thing is being done. My tweet was posted because of my own commitment towards respect for the rule of law.

“These are the same battles the VP himself is fighting. There was no malice in my position. It is just important that we continue to put our leaders on their toes. Again, I am sorry for this tweet. PS: this has nothing to do with the hate tweets directed at me today.”